Birth Supplies

You will need to purchase your birth kit. Please be sure to order it not later than 35 weeks to be certain it has arrived by your “Home visit.” You can find the birth kit HERE.

Have your Emergency Phone Number form completed and with your birth supplies.  Your doctor, pediatrician, ambulance, and hospital numbers should all be included.  Also include your wifi code, address, phone number, and directions to your home for emergency personnel.

These are the supplies you need ready for the home visit: (* denotes optional)

  • Trash bags- 2 large 30-gallon bags, and enough 13-gallon bags to cover your pillows.
  • 1 plastic mattress cover or thick polyethylene (at least 1 ml thick). Please DO NOT use zip up plastic mattress covers (bags) that cover the entire mattress. They are too hard for us to remove after the birth.
  • 2 large bowls – 1 for placenta, 1 in case you throw up.
  • 2 large bottles of hydrogen peroxide for laundry or cleaning up blood spots.
  • 4 receiving blankets.
  • Perineal ice pads (1 is provided in your kit) or crushed ice in 3 or 4 sandwich bags for ice packs (for your bottom).
  • Roll of paper towels (Viva size select is really soft and our preference but any will work).
  • Electrolyte drinks of your choice.
  • Extra juice – especially important after the birth.
  • Extra food – for mother, friends, midwives.
  • Box of maxi-size sanitary napkins (2 depends plus 6 pads come in your kit).
  • Nightgown or outfit for yourself for after the birth.
  • Diapers for baby- meconium will stain, so if your planning to cloth diaper disposable might be a good idea for the first few days.
  • Thermometer for yourself and baby.
  • 1-2 bottles Witch Hazel (refrigerate for use after the birth).  Feels great on tears or hemorrhoids.*

The following supplies should be washed and dried. Run these items through an extra dryer cycle and immediately place them in plastic bags, and close tightly. Label the bags.  They will be opened as needed.

  • 1 set of clean sheets including pillowcases for all pillows for use after the birth.
  • 1 set of sheets/pillowcases for the birth.
  • At least 4 full-size adult bath towels, if your planning to labor or birth in the tub please add 3 or 4 extra towels.
  •  At least 4 adult washcloths.
  • The 4 receiving blankets and baby outfit mentioned above.

When you feel pretty certain that you are in labor, make up your bed with the clean sheets that you have for AFTER the birth. Place the plastic sheet/waterproof mattress cover over them.  Place the BIRTH sheets on top of the plastic sheet/waterproof mattress cover).

Put your AFTER pillowcases on the pillows, cover the pillows with a plastic trash bag and then put on the birth pillowcases. Keep the top sheet folded down so you don’t accidentally birth on it.

After the birth, your bed will be stripped of the top set of sheets so you have clean sheets, and the room will be cleaned up before our departure.