Who is Whitney?

Whitney Whitmoore is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)  providing individualized postpartum midwifery care which facilitates strong families, empowered parents, and thriving babies.

Whitney has lived and worked in the metro Atlanta area since 2005 and supporting families in midwifery care since 2011. One of her great loves is to witness the unfolding of a family. Something miraculous happens when a baby takes its first breath; life enters that little body and everyone in the room is forever changed. She believes each family is completely unique and requires individualized care.

Whitney welcomes people of all genders, family structures, and orientations. She provides special expertise in queer and transgender family building, including queer conception, lesbian pregnancy, transmasculine pregnancy, poly families, and heterosexual families.

Whitney and her wife live in north GA and enjoy spending time with their 11 children and two granddaughters and two grandsons. In her spare time, Whitney also enjoys creative endeavors, such as polymer clay sculpting, needlework, and dollhouse building.