What is Postpartum Midwifery?

For people who have never had extensive postpartum midwifery care, it can be hard to visualize what it looks like. I visit families in their homes. Visits are 1 to 2 hours long and include checking vitals on mom and baby, evaluating and supporting your feeding method, providing holistic solutions to problems and referring to appropriate medical care when needed. It means answering any and all of your questions. It also means being on-call for you, for those rashes you wonder about, the concerns about a crying jag, the clot you just passed or the smell of your newborn’s spit-up. Whatever the concern, I can help you solve it or get you in to see someone who can.

Issues I address include:

  • Holistic a help with common postpartum issues like mastitis, engorgement, thrush, healing from first and 2nd-degree lacerations and uncomplicated cesarean surgeries
  • Screening for post-partum mood issues and timely referrals
  • Evaluation and holistic treatment of diastases recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, referrals to physical therapy
  • Evaluation and treatment of minor to moderate breastfeeding issues including latch issues, supply issues, and tongue tie concerns.
  • Referrals to providers for more serious concerns
  • Monitoring baby for growth and development for the first 6 weeks
  • Monitoring baby for jaundice
  • Unlimited on-call phone support

What It Costs

Fee $800

My package of postpartum services intends to bridge the gap for care mothers need to receive after discharge from their birth location and includes the following:

  • Four visits in-home during the initial 6-week postpartum period, each 1-2 hours. The first is between 24-72 hours upon your return home after the birth.
  • Comprehensive phone, email, and text consultations for issues, with referral as needed.
  • Breastfeeding support on an as-needed basis with evaluation of latch and tongue tie.
  • During each visit I will check your vitals, assessment for normal uterine healing, checking on perineal repairs or C-section incision site and healing (if desired).
  • We will discuss emotional health and evaluate for abnormal postpartum mental health issues
  • Baby’s vital signs, cord check, and weight check.
  • Basic newborn care is taught, or if you are an experienced mother, a review of some things you may not have seen the first time around.
  • Processing of placenta for postpartum smoothies (if desired)
  • Sitz bath packets and nursing tea

If you need additional visits they can be added for $200 each visit.  

As always within my scope of maternity care, if any assessments fall out of the realm of “normal,” recommendation to be evaluated by a more appropriate level of health care provider will be made. Early detection and intervention with the appropriate level of care can help keep small problems from developing into large ones and is a real benefit in close postpartum monitoring.


I can assist with submission to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You are likely to have our services applied to your deductible. You can also use your HSA/FSA accounts to pay for our services. 

Consulting – Ask a Midwife

Do you have questions you would like a midwife to answer? Do you want a second (or third) opinion? Do you live far away, but value my professional input? Do you need a general or specific health consultation?

At times, it may be helpful to have a personal conversation with a birth professional who is compassionate but also objective.  This is a consultation/coaching service geared toward answering your questions and also helping you discover for yourself the solutions to problems or challenges you are facing.

Please note that the “Ask a Midwife” service cannot diagnose or treat physical or mental health issues, nor is it meant to serve the same function as a licensed counselor, therapist, or psychologist. 

Possible reasons you may want to talk to a midwife:

  • Helping to find the right care provider or birth setting for you including assistance with finding an out of hospital care provider in your area if needed, coming up with the right questions to interview a prospective care provider.
  • Discussing your pregnancy and how it is going, finding solutions for health and well-being improvement during pregnancy, holistic  information on health care choices
  • Coaching on positive changes in the areas of diet and exercise
  • Exploring life issues related to pregnancy and motherhood, with coaching-based solution discovery
  • Solution-oriented discussion for difficulties in the patient-provider relationship
  • Other reasons?  Contact me and let’s see if I can be of service to you!

While video visits are not the same quality as face-to-face visits and limit my ability to get a complete story, they are definitely still valuable in explaining & affirming symptoms, suggesting helpful diet/exercise/lifestyle adjustments, and educating clients in various ways.​

Before each video visit, if applicable, you will answer some questions regarding your general health and about specific concerns/complaints you have. When applicable/depending on the nature of the visit, visits are followed up by an email (within 24 hours of the end of the visit), links to additional information/resources as available, and any necessary care plans/suggestions explained. The main point of the video portion of the visit is for me to gather information to then make the best recommendations possible based on that information.

FEE: $35/30 MINUTES; $50/60 MINUTES; $75/90 MINUTES; $100/120 MINUTES

Consultations happen by telephone, Google Duo or Skype.  Please contact Whitney using the information on the main page to set up an appointment time (via email or phone).

(Payment in advance of the consultation)

Topics of Past Consultations

  • Fertility
  • Menstrual Cycles/Hormone Regulation
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Herbalism
  • Family Planning
  • Queer/Gender-Diverse Health
  • Well Care
  • Sex & Sexuality Education
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Management 




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